Chicagolands Premiere Exterior Restoration Outriggers

        WINDOW & DOOR

Properly Installed Windows and Doors Can Help: 

  • Provide higher R value to reduce heat and air conditioning loss.

  • Provide sound reduction.

  • Retrofit units bring together affordability and comfort.

  • Provide extra sense of security.

  • Enhance the value and appearance of your property.

  • Helps lower your energy costs.

Door and Window of All Types:

  • Most major brands - Vinyl, wood and aluminum.

  • Retrofit brands: Certainteed, Marvin, Soft-Lite, Simington, and Vinyl Kraft.

  • Double hung, casement, glider, hopper, awning, bay, bow, garden, patio door, and storm windows.

Awning Window

awning windowAdvantages - Awning windows are designed to provide light and breeze when placed high on walls. These types of windows are great for bedrooms and other areas that need to maintain privacy but want to allow light in. Awning windows can also be opened slightly to allow ventilation.

Placement of Awning Window - Awning windows can be positioned in a variety of places. They can be arranged next to other windows or in columns. They are often used above large patio doors to create a wall of light and ventilation.

Casement Window

casement windowAdvantages - Casement windows are chosen to for their capacity to let in light and fresh air. Casement windows open outward fully, easily allowing fresh air and sunshine into your home.

Placement of Casement Window - Casement windows are great for places that will be hard to reach, such as over sinks or appliances. They crank open as opposed to sliding up and down, which makes them easier to maneuver.

Double Hung Window

double hung  windowAdvantages - Double hung windows are often chosen for their unique style. Many older homes have single pane double hung windows, a style that many people would like to maintain. One of the values of a double hung window is that the top can be opened while the bottom remains closed, great for kid's rooms.


Placing Double Hung Window - Double hung windows can be placed practically anywhere in a home. Keep in mind their advantage to this type of window is the ventilation and access. They make perfect windows for kitchens, offices and bedrooms.

Gliding Window

gliding windowAdvantages - Many people find glide windows easier to manipulate than crank outs. This type of window is often chosen by people who want maximum ease when opening and closing windows.

Placement of Gliding Window - Since gliding windows do not open outwards they are perfect for areas such walkways? Gliding windows are perfect when positioned high on walls in living and family rooms.

Picture Window

fixed windowAdvantages - Picture windows are used to create unobstructed views in areas where ventilation is not a concern. They make the most of available light but no not open to allow ventilation. Picture windows can be combined with other windows to maximize both light and ventilation.

Placement of Picture Window - Picture windows are ideal for dark rooms and hallways. They can bring in stunning light and brighten up even the darkest room. Often picture windows are placed high on walls to allow for maximum light. When combined with patio doors or operating windows such as gliding windows they can create the perfect balance of light and ventilation.

Bay Window

bay windowAdvantages - Bay windows are chosen to maximize light and views, and to create a more open feel. Their multiple views allow light in from different angles. In addition the sides of the window can be opened to allow ventilation as well. They add uniqueness and style to a home.

Placement of Bay Window - Bay windows are ideal for rooms where you are trying to create a feeling of spaciousness and bring in light form different angles. Replacing a flat window with a bay window can completely change the amount of light that a room receives.

Jalousie Window

jalousie windowsJalousies are made of glass slats set in metal clips that can be opened and closed in unison. Also called a louvered window, a jalousie is made like a glass shutter. This type of window is manually rotated to open or close the overlapping panels as required and can be opened by degrees to control how much air or light is allowed to pass through.

Hopper Window

hopper windowsA hopper window is a cost effective unit that can serve basement opening purposes and placed in middle of glass block units.


Garden Window

Typically found in kitchens, the garden window allows you to bring a little of the outdoors inside with extra light and shelving for plants or other decorative features.